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This site does not delineate Lochac or SCA heraldic policy.
It is recommended that the depiction of emblazons on this site only be used as a very general basic guide and not used to create emblazons for submission.

Kingdom of Lochac

Subordinate group(s) : Baronies Shires  

Quarterly azure and argent, on a cross gules a crown between four mullets of six points, in canton a laurel wreath argent.



Barony of Aneala

Azure, issuant from chief a demi-sun Or, on a chief argent a laurel wreath vert between two swanchr39s heads and necks erased respectant sable.

Canton of Dragons Bay

Canton of Achenfeld
Barony of Ildhafn

Per pale azure and argent, chapé ployé, two lymphads and a laurel wreath counterchanged.

Canton of Cluain
Barony of Innilgard

Argent, a fret gules, surmounted by a laurel wreath, all within a bordure embattled azure.

Barony of Kraé Glas

Or, on a bend azure, three laurel wreaths palewise Or.

College of Saint Monica
Barony of Mordenvale

Per chevron inverted vert and gules, a chevron inverted between a lymphad and a laurel wreath Or.
Barony of Politarchopolis

Argent, on a pale gules a griffin segreant argent, overall a laurel wreath counterchanged.

College of Saint Aldhelm

College of Saint Andronicus
Barony of River Haven

Barry wavy argent and azure, a seahorse erect to sinister within a laurel wreath Or.

Canton of Burnfield

Canton of Stegby
Barony of Rowany

Per chevron dovetailed argent and vert, two rowan trees fructed and eradicated proper and a laurel wreath argent.

College of Saint Ursula

Canton of Stowe on the Wowld

Canton of Okewaite
Barony of Saint-Florian-de-la-rivière

Argent, a cross bottony within a laurel wreath purpure.
Barony of Southron Gaard

Gules, a tower Or within a laurel wreath, in chief three mullets argent, all within a bordure embattled Or, as an augmentation on a canton azure, four crescents conjoined in saltire horns outward argent.

Canton of Castelburn

College of Saint Kessog
Barony of Stormhold

Azure goutty d'eau, a drakkar affronty Or, the sail charged with a laurel wreath gules.

Canton of Cairn Fell

College of Saint Bartholomew
Barony of Ynys Fawr

Azure, on a fess between three laurel wreaths Or, a lymphad azure.

College of Saint Gildas the Wise

Canton of Lightwood


Shire of Abertridwr

Argent, a pall azure, overall a dragon passant to sinister gules, in chief a laurel wreath vert.
Shire of Adora

Per pale gules and Or, two dragons combatant and in base a laurel wreath counterchanged.

College of Saint Malachy
Shire of Agaricus

Sable, a phoenix argent rising from flames proper within a laurel wreath Or all between four mushrooms two and two argent.
Shire of Bordescros

Per chevron purpure fretty and Or, a laurel wreath vert
Shire of Darton

Sable, a hunting horn within a laurel wreath Or.
Shire of Dismal Fogs

Per fess azure and argent, issuant from the line of division a tower proper and in base a laurel wreath vert.
Shire of Torlyon

Per chevron argent and azure, two laurel wreathes and a cross floretty counterchanged.
Shire of Willoughby Vale

Argent fretty, on a chief vert two laurel wreaths argent.