Archery Target

The target frame was made of ¼” (6.35mm) diameter stainless steel bar welded into a cuboid measuring 900 x900 x 200mm. The dimensions are not critical. 900 x 900 was chosen because it gives 150mm of space around all sides of a standard 60cm FITA target face, and because it’s easily transported in the back of a station wagon.

The frame is covered with split tubing such as garden hose. This is not essential; it is merely to afford some degree of protection to any arrows which miss their mark and hit the frame.

The frame is then covered with two layers of shade cloth with a sheet of cardboard between the two layers.  This is done front and back so both sides of the butt can be used. (We usually try to avoid using both at the same time!)  The cardboard needs to be replaced periodically when the centre gets shot out.

The cover is then stitched to the top of the frame.  It is recommended that the protective tubing is removed during this process and replaced over the top of the stitching.

The frame is then stuffed with scrap shade-cloth or whatever is available.  The back of the butt is secured to two wooden stakes by cable ties when in use.

Note: The original frame was made with only one intermediary bar along each side.  Two additional bars were later added at the top to provide handles by which to carry the target and at the bottom to keep the stuffing from falling out.

Three additional target frames have since been made for other groups in the area.  These were made with two intermediary bars along each side, as shown in this picture of Dragon’s Bay’s target.  These frames appear to be quite stable and working well.

19 August 2010
Isabel de Annesley  (Rachel Kerr)
Captain of Archers - Aneala