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Foolish Fashion. One page from a site about Jesters.
International Jugglers' Association The homepage of this large organisation, with many subsidary links
Juggling Information Service wonderful resources
Coxcomb Academy of the Performing Arts howtos, library references, much here
Discoverie Of Witchcraft a free full text file (78k) of this work.  Printed in 1584 and written by Reginald Scot as an expose on conjuror's methods.  Used by Samuel Rid (1612) as a major source for his "Art of Iuggling"
Links Page Stiltwalker central links page
Stilt Stories Odd little collection of anecdotes
Stretch's Page Mostly out of period anecdotes, but a reference to an early period text describing a stiltwalking performance
Royal Stilt Walkers The website of 'The Royal Stilt Walkers - Merchtem, Belgium' , a historical group.  Site uses Java  These people appear to exclusively use hand held stilts - which lets them 'fight'. The objective is simple - knock the others off their stilts.  Last one standing wins!

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