The Performers and Entertainers Guild of Lochac

(Also refered to as "The worshipful company of Bards, Troubadours & Jongleurs of Lochac" or "The Bardic Guild")

The brainchild of Finnabhair ni Binnech (then Bard of Rowany), this incarnation of a guild for solo and group performers and entertainers in Lochac was first mooted in early AS XXXVI. She established a mailing list and formented discussion.

While the current guild clearly uses elements of the now-defunct Lochac Guild of Entertainers, it is not the same (piping) beast at all! After much discussion, a device proposal for the guild was agreed and it is to be registered.

Anyone wishing to join the guild is encouraged to browse the charter and make contact with a guild member, either via this web site, or in person. Guild members should be easy to spot, but looking for the banner may also help.

Guild Meeting Minutes

Meeting held 7th July AS XXXVII

Meeting held Ascension Day AS XXXVII

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