The Muse is the chronicle of the Guild.  Produced whenever it is produced.

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Guild Charter
Typology of Entertainment
PDF file (218k)
Zip file (178k)
2 A Typology of Entertainment (cont)
The Ladies of Venice (poem)
Valerian's Ye Olde CD Review.
MS-Word file (~300 k)
3 The Art of Storytelling
The Composition of Rounds
PDF file (374 k)
Zip file(325k)
4 Tips for Medieval Dance Bands
My lord hath eyes that shine black as the night (poem)
PDF file (1.5M)
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5 Music Notation Software
Mighty Are The Men From Stowe (poem)
Down where the Willows Grow (poem)
Forms of English Theatre
PDF file (190K)
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6 Counterpointing by numbers
A Toast to Absent Friends (poem)
Prix Jongleur
Entertainment at SCA events (Tips for Stewards)
Crown Paens
PDF file (276K)