To quote from the introduction to this volume:

" Greetings unto the bard who holds this book. In your hands is a sample of Lochac’s history, not in just the events that some of the pieces celebrate, but also in the pieces themselves. Lochac has a long and proud bardic tradition. From filk to period style pieces the populace of Locahc have written many and varied songs, poems and stories.

To celebrate the coronation of Alfar & Elspeth, our first King & Queen, I have tried in this book to collect samples from across the spectrum of style and form of the written word created by member over Lochac’s history. This book is by no means a complete collection of songs, poems and stories written by Lochac, that would be a great weighty tome a long time in compilation and would never be complete.

All the pieces in this book are printed with the permission of the authors. Please enjoy this book and I hope that it will inspire some to write more verse to continue a long and proud Lochac tradition.


William Castille



Currently, the Words of Lochac is available either as a MS-Word97 file of 566k or in a "Zipped form" (using WinZip v7) of 340k

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