State/Territoy Legislation
ACT - Office for Children, Youth and Family Support - Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services

NSW - Department of Community Services

NT - Children, Youth and Families - Department of Health and Families

QLD - Department of Communities (Child Safety Services) (Blue Card)

SA - Families SA - Department of Families and Communities

Tas. - Child Protection - Department of Health and Human Services

  1. - Child Protection and Family Services - Department of Human Services

WA - Department for Child Protection
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Each State/Territory has different Legislation regarding Child Protection.
They differ from who needs police checks, who needs a special card, to how
many children events can be held a year. The number of days/events that may
be held in a State without needing checks does vary, so its important to check what you need to do for
your state.
The SCA Child Protection Policy goes into the different Legislations alittle more for each State/Territory has.
For more details on Your State/Territory Legislation - Please visit the relivent Responsible authority site. These sites are not link please copy site web address.
Children's Deputy of Lochac