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Medieval Colouring books by Emmie Smith (Emeludt Hänsler)
Medievals can be found in toy shops. Believe it or not you can still find some period toys in shops, markets and on ebay. Look for wooden carved europeon animals, wooden spinning tops, rag dolls, chess, 9 man morse and so much more.

Run an A&S class on Medieval toys and build up a toy box for your group, this can also be a great addition to your A&S displays at any demos you might do.

Children can be involved with making their own toys.... Parents/adults will need to help with any sewing or sharp tools.
Medieval toys & Past times
Medieval toys
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Discovering Medieval - toys & games
Medieval toys you can make - Stowe Fair Collegium 2005 Aelflaed of the
Weald / India Ollerenshaw
Medieval Dolls
Children's Deputy of Lochac
Late period doll dress in
early period to match
Childs outfit
Arts & Sciences for minors don't have to be different from the A&S classes set for the event. Simply modify/adjust the class to suit i.e. Illumination class can be modified but providing illumination outlines & instead of paints provide feltpens, colour pencils and for the older minors non toxic paints.
Lady Anne Clifford Face Mask
George Clifford Face Mask