Inter College War XIII


28/06/2006:Time Table Update

If you want to enter any of Fridayís A&S competitions but canít make it till Saturday I am happy to defer them to Saturday. Please let me know if this is the case

A list field will be permanently set up for the duration of the event.

An archery target will also be permanently set up for the duration of the event.

Depending on numbers the heavy and rapier tourney may be run in parallel or one after the other.

Battles will be run in the afternoons whenever possible. Just because 3 scenarios are listed in an afternoon doesnít mean that they will be the only battles fought. Due to numbers I expect that most battles will be short affairs so we will fit quite a few in each afternoon.

28/06/2006:Location Update

I threw a few whereis maps together and tried to indicate the route. Given the direction that most people will be coming from I think it is the best way. It should take about one and a half hours after the freeway ends. I will be putting some SCA signs up with reflective tape on them so hopefully that will help anyone arriving after dark.

Map 1: Large area from freeway leading up to the site

Map 2: More deatiled veiw of the way you need to travel through Maitland

20/06/2006: Inter College War is almost upon us and I still have no rapier marchal for the event. As I'm sure your're aware no marshal means no tourney, so anyone who can help me out, let me know.

It will of course be cold at the event so make sure you bring warm cloths and warm blankets/sleeping bags.

For clarification, the sapper's battle won't include pole arms as it represnts an unintended battle underground in confined spaces.

I have 35 bookings at the moment and 11 dorm beds left.

Any questions just ask me.

19/05/2006: At Rowany Festival I was asked about non college fighters and whether they would be allowed to participate or not. Non college members will be allowed to fight at college war without restriction. Scenarios will be designed so that Non college fighters do not unduly influence college points scores