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28/06/2006:Location Update

I threw a few whereis maps together and tried to indicate the route. Given the direction that most people will be coming from I think it is the best way. It should take about one and a half hours after the freeway ends. I will be putting some SCA signs up with reflective tape on them so hopefully that will help anyone arriving after dark.

Map 1: Large area from freeway leading up to the site

Map 2: More deatiled veiw of the way you need to travel through Maitland

The best place to start is to use www.whereis.com.au 'Map and Directions Tab' and enter Lostock Rd, Gresford (Tyraman) as your destination. That'll get you to the nearest town to Lostock, which is Gresford. Once in the main town of Gresford, there'll be signs to follow to get you to College War.

If coming from the South, head to Maitland. Follow the signs to Paterson, Vacy and then Gresford along Tocal Rd.

  • Once in the centre of Gresford (East Gresford), turn left onto Gresford Rd, and follow this for approx 1.7km.
  • Turn right onto Lostock Rd, where there's a corner store on your right hand side.

If coming from the North, whereis takes you down the New England Hwy towards Singleton.

  • Head along Mitchells Flat Rd (approx 12kms), which turns left into Gresford Rd.
  • Follow this for another 30 kms (approx), until you reach the corner store at the intersection of Gresford Rd and Lostock Rd.

Once you're at the Corner Store:

  • Head north on Lostock Rd towards Lostock Dam.
  • Lostock Rd road becomes Paterson River Rd, and winds its way for 18kms through the mountains and along the creek until you reach the turn off to Lostock Dam and Lostock Caravan Park.
  • Don't turn left there; continue straight towards the Lostock Scout Camp. The road turns to a well-maintained dirt road, and travels for 6kms until your reach the Scout Camp.
  • You can't miss it once you're there - you'll see two farmhouses (top house and bottom house). You'll see a flat area on the left, near the creek.
map from store