War and other calamities

Battles in and around the city

A variety of mixed and heavy only scenarios, representing some of the key battles fought before and and during the siege.

  • Byzantine militia and the Rumeli Hisari
  • The battle for Blachernae Palace
  • Battle for Therapia

Cannon bombardment

The ottomans bombardment strategies were crucial to their success. Each college has a fixed amount of time to demolish as much of the wall as possible. A cannon (not a real one of course) wil be provided and the wall rebuilt between each attempt.

Sapper's battle

Beneath the ground, serbian sappers and byzantine soldiers fought a desparate battle. Heavy only scenario where combattants are to be armed with only daggers, picks , mallets and shovels.

The riots of the combined service

Rapier combat set during the riots that followed the combined Orthodox/catholic mass held in the Hagia Sofia. Union with the Catholic church was something that many citizens of constantinople strongly opposed.