You have just ventured into the home page of Delbert von Straßburg who is an SCA persona currently residing in the Barony of Rowany (Sydney, NSW, Australia) in the Kingdom of Lochac. Previously I have resided in Barony of Southron Gaard (Christchurch, NZ) and Aneala (Perth, WA)

I do a lot of Renaissance Dance -- I spend time talking to a few of the on-line experts like Justin du Couer, Miklos, She'erah (previously known as Ellisif), Rosina del Bosco Chiaro (who doesn't have a home page), Greg Lindahl who happens also to have his own music and dance page as well as a big collection of images from Arbeau and Caroso, or Mustafa (Russell Almond) who has a web site of Early Dance music that is free for use in the SCA.

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If I'm not nattering on the net with these people then I might be reading the Letter of Dance or perhaps Serve it Forth if I'm thinking about food!

I'm currently working on the latest edition of Del's Dance Book. I also host the domain, including the Lochac e-mail list

Here is a picture of my pavillion, although that's not me standing in front of it, it's in fact Yseult de Lacy.

People looking for my Pennsic 30 photos will find them here, and the Pennsic 29 photos can be found here. The rest of my SCA photo albums are here.

I have some Early Dance CDs available for sale for people in Australia, people overseas may wish to obtain them via Eric's CD page.

Here are some of my favourite SCA, medieval and renaissance links:

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Lastly, my apprentices have asked to be mentioned here, so here they are:

Marie de Lyons (Loreena Johnson) is examining 15th and 16th Century French Dance. Her current project is Basse Danse Mineur.

Elaine Llanelli (Ros Howie) is examining 15th and 16th Century Italian Dance.

AEmilia of Syracuse has retired.

AElflaed of the Weald (India Ossenberg) is examining 15th Century Italian Dance.

Sybille la Chatte (Rachael Zavodnyik) is a prize troublemaker who's learning about anything and anyone she can get her hands on. Don't ask. You don't want to know where they've been.

Awards received in the SCA: Pelican (Nov 1990), Grant of Arms (GA), Leaf of Merit (OLM -- West), Silver Tear (OST -- Lochac), Laurel (March 1997), Rose Leaf (ORL -- West), Princess' Cypher (Morwynna). Potential apprentices should read this, but under no circumstances should they read this. I don't take proteges but you could try to talk me into it.

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