Del's Dance Collection -- CDs available for sale

The following is a set of 5 CDs that I have available for sale in Australia and New Zealand. Prices are listed below but also note that with the exception of two tracks on these CDs, they may be freely copied within the SCA. Certain conditions apply to the copying of the tracks on these CDs, which include also copying the liner notes which are provided with the CD set.

The tracks are taken from Eric Praetzel's CD collection as well as Musica Subterranea, which are copyable with the permission of the copyright holders. Additional tracks are taken with permission from the CD Dances by the Marian Ensemble by Heather Dale, available through Amphisbaena Music.

Note that I do not distribute the SCA Dance CDs in their original form as sold by Greg and Eric (in the USA and Canada). The Del's Dance Collection CD set contains a "best-of" compilation of the SCA Dance CDs, plus two CDs from Musica Subterranea, arranged into a more useful order (sorted by period), and removing the out of period tracks which are not danced in Lochac.

A quick word on sound quality

The majority of the recordings were made by amateur or semi-professional musicians at best. The musicianship is what I would consider adequate for historical recreational purposes although the choice of instruments is in some cases unhistorical. The sound quality reflects the fact that many of the tracks were not recorded in a professional sound studio using highly paid sound engineers.

I have, in most cases, selected the best quality track from amongst those that were available to me. In some cases none of the tracks for a dance tune that I wanted to include were particularly good. I have avoided using electronic or computer generated music.

There is no warranty on these CDs and they are not sold as suitable or fit for any purpose. I sell the CDs for the price of copying and postage and that about covers my costs. You may copy and pass on the music on the CDs (paying attention to the copying conditions) to those in your group, however they must also be aware that there is no warranty on the CDs and I accept no liability for any problems or issues that arise.

If this is not acceptable for your purposes then I can recommend some professionally made CDs that cover the same or similar tracks from the same time period. Be aware that professionally made CDs are expensive. These CDs I sell are cheap. You get what you pay for.


Item Price ($A) Price ($NZ)
Volumes 1, 2, or 4 (each) $6.00 $8.00
Volumes 3 or 5 (each) $9.00 $12.00
5 Volume set $25.00 $30.00

Each volume or set comes with a set of liner notes which must be copied and passed on with each copy or set of copies of the CDs made. The liner notes have been reduced to 2 x A4 pages, double sided.

The above prices include surface mail postage costs to anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Prices above also include all royalties but you will need to pay further royalties if you are making copies of CD 3 or 5.

Copying volume 3 or 5 (in particular track 12 of volume 3, or track 13 of volume 5) requires payment of a $2 Canadian Dollar royalty. I can collect this royalty as $A3.00 or $NZ4.00 for those without access to Canadian cheque accounts.

Payment and Ordering Information

Please send cheques, in Australian or New Zealand dollars to:

D. Elson
2/83 Birkley Road
Manly NSW 2095

Please state clearly which CDs you are ordering. Note that at the moment I do not sell MP3 CDs, or the other (HTML, etc) CDs on Eric's web page.

I don't take credit cards although I can be persuaded to take paypal. I prefer not to have to deal with money orders. Don't send cash through the mail, although if you are collecting the CDs in person you may pay cash if you prefer.


The CDs contain the following tracks:

Volume 1: 16th C France

Volume 2: English Country

Volume 3: 15th C Italy

Volume 4: 16th C Italy

Volume 5: Miscellaneous

Source Recordings

The above CDs may be ordered directly via Musica Subterranea but I do not sell them myself.

The CDs above may be purchased directly via Eric's Web Site or directly through me, please contact me for copying and availability.

Copyright Information