Del's Adventures at Pennsic 29

Being an account of the adventures of Delbert von Strassburg, Dance Scholar, in the lands of the Barbarian Known World in the Year AS XXXV for the Pennsic War XXIX, mundanely known as the United States of America in the year 2000 CE

Some things to note about Darkest America:

Happy Snaps

Now, no holiday would be happy without these!

I've forgotten some of the names, misplaced my notes on others, and perhaps even misspelled a few. If you have any additions, corrections, or otherwise, then contact me.

Note that the photos will enlarge if you click nicely on them.

Before Pennsic

Before I came to Pennsic, I stayed in Indianapolis, and went to Simple Day. The event was fun, with a few hours of dancing in the afternoon, and more in the evening.

I guess I was a little disappointed that most of the dances they did were post-period, but I did get to teach Il Canario and La Volta.
Musica Subterranea Drea and Sophia, Two of the ladies from Musica Subterranea, a Midrealm music group that is making various recordings of SCA music.
A Sqrrrrl One of those Sqrrrrls that I mentioned earlier. I'm told by a reliable source that sometimes their name is spelt "sqrrrel" and has two syllables. Spelling and pronunciation can be hard to pick sometimes.
La Volta At simple day, I got to dance La Volta with Sophia. Drea accompanied on the hammered dulcimer.

The Barn

Most of the dancing happens here, at night. Here are some of the barn denizens.

Many of these photos were taken at the masked ball, which was held on the second Tuesday night of War (during War Week).
Barn: Ansfrid Ansfrid, dancing Ballo del Fiore with a rose behind one ear. Kinda cute, I guess, if you like large guys wearing flowers, or if you happen to be Helen. Ansfrid is Rosina's apprentice, and worth climbing up to have a chat to some time.
Barn: Catrina Catrina Williams. East Kingdom (? Noo Joisey anyway). Wonderful to watch on the dance floor, excellent flute player, nice garb and nicely sewn, etc. Can I use the words major babe here without upsetting anyone?
Barn: Daniele Daniele. Once from Carolingia, now in Ealdormere. Galliard Master Par Extraordinaire. Faster than a Speeding Building. Kicks Tall Tassels in a Single Bound.
Barn: Daniele and Roselyne Daniele again, with his lady Roselyne (Bizzaria Perfectionist).
Barn: Alina Alina. Cascarda Guru. Has a wide repertoire from Il Ballarino. She well deserved the dance award that she received during Midrealm Court.
Barn: Gwommy Roana and Gwommy. Also a nicely done mask, taken at the masked ball.
Barn: Two Ladies ??? and Catriona in fine garb, taken at the back of the barn during the masked ball.
Barn: Mara Mara, studying the form of her fellow Carolingians on the dance floor. There were many of them this year, as always. How many dancers does it take to change a light bulb? A: Four: One to change it, and three to say "but that's not how we do it in Carolingia!".
Barn: Maria Maria, another Carolingian, shows off her style on the floor, dancing with Lyev.
Barn: Mask The Lady with The Mask: One of the fine masks at the masked ball. Not sure who her suitor and other female friend are.
Barn: Paul Kate, and Paul, aka Weaselboy (that's a long story involving a game and some pigs). Not a Carolingian for a change -- Paul is from Mynydd Seren (Bloomington, IN). Paul always seems to be where the attractive women are, but I managed to find out his secret at the ball (and you expect me to tell you! Ha!).
Barn: Filip and Guilietta Filip and Giulietta, regular Barn denizens, and the people that I stayed with after Pennsic. They live in the Debatable Lands (Pittsburgh).
Barn: Philip White Philip White, looking resplendent as usual. The lady on the left (Elin the Timid) is his seamstress and dance partner. Philip is the man who, along with Isabeau Lament of Ansteorra, discovered Caroso's long lost dance Il Panario, and is also a particularly good Canario dancer.
Barn: Richenza On the subject of major babes, here's Richenza. Another of the plague of Carolingians (one is an accident, two is a conspiracy, three is a plague). Richenza is also known as the Bread Fairy.
Barn: Rosina and Giles Rosina and Giles, sharing an amusing moment after dancing at the masked ball.
Barn: Sion Uncle Sion, the uber-dance-laurel.
Barn: Solveig Solveig, another occasional barn denizen, when she's not being Japanese.

The Caroso Ball

The Caroso ball was the highlight of the Pennsic dance calendar. Everyone on their best manners, the dance tent mud having dried to something like badly set lumpy concrete with dust and dead grass, no arguments amongst the musicians (there was only one), and the best dance line-up of the war.

The Caroso ball was held on the last Friday of Pennsic, from 2pm to 4pm, in the dance tent.
CB: Catrina Catrina again, dancing Rufty,Tufty with Lyev. Also dancing is Peanut (Sonya). Rosina is sitting next to Elsbeth Van Roth.
CB: Gregory Gregory Blount, our undoubted musician, studying the hammered dulcimer.
CB: Henry Henry of Maldon, dancing Hearts Ease with Juliana.
CB: Ladies The line of Ladies, seated for the ball. Seated are Rosaline, Mara, Catrina, ???, Rosina, Elsbeth, Juliana, Maria, Deonna, Teleri, Peanut, ??, Magda, Alina, and Gregory in foreground...
CB: Lords The line of Lords, seated for the ball. Seated are Stefan, Lyev, Henry, ???, Jesse, Ayden, Udalrich, Joshua, Guiseppe (Sloppy Joe), Alaric, ???, Doughal, and standing is Kieran.
CB: Maria Maria and Joshua, dancing Ballo del Fiore.
CB: Philip Doughal, Llewellyn, Midair, Philip White, Kieran.
CB: Tibicen Tibicen, concentrating hard on interpreting the steps being done on the floor. No doubt enjoying the break from playing and/or bandleading. Christabel is on Tibicen's left (on the right in the photo). Adele is on the right.

Other Photos from Pennsic

A Smug of Laurels I believe that the correct collective term is a smug of laurels. Del, Rosina, William Redcape, and Sion. Need I say more?

Also present at the event, but missing from the photo, were Giuseppe, Giles, Mara, and Gregory Blount.

Black Swan Designs Some of the folk at Black Swan Designs, who make very spiffy 15th C garb (as worn and recommended by me). Included in the picture are Jamie (long red hair), his buddy Rookie, and Jamie's wife Christine. They have a German Reenactment group that does 1499 Swabia. Jeff (burgundy chaperone) is the other man in the photo. Gwen (Jeff's wife and Black Swan lead person) was away at the time the photo was taken.

After Pennsic

After the War, I had the privilege of staying with Filip and Giulietta, two of the BMDL people. I also met up with their enormous Maine Coon cat, Romeo.
Romeo and Del Me and my weightlifting exercise of the week. Romeo weighs in at a smudge under 15kg.
Romeo and Diana Romeo and Diana (Giulietta)

Del ( or