Del's Adventures at Pennsic 30

Actually, as I mentioned to a number of people, I couldn't get to Pennsic this year. So, I wasn't there. If you saw me there you were imagining it. It wasn't me. You never saw me. You can't prove anything. My evil twin brother was noted to be about, however, and borrowed my clothes. Sophie, can I please have my hose back? Thanx. -Del-

More awful things I found in America:

Happy Snaps

As usual, I've forgotten some of the names, and perhaps even misspelled a few. If you have any additions, corrections, or otherwise, then contact me.

Note that the photos will enlarge if you click nicely on them.

I Sebastiani

These guys really are the best Commedia dell'Arte troupe in the entire world. You must see them.

I Sebastiani Brother and Sister arguing. Preston of Aschehyrst (Preston Crow) as Cinthio and Gwendolyn of Middlemarch (Jennifer Kobayashi) as Isabella, disguised as Fabrito.
I Sebastiani Oratio and Pantalone hatch a plan. Christian Lansinger von Jaueregk (Michael McAfee) as Oratio and Eithna Fraser of Canterbury (Kris Page) as Pantalone.
I Sebastiani Dottore Gratiano and Victoria. Anton of Winteroak (Jay Cross) as Dottore Gratiano and Rhonwen glyn Conwy (Catherine Crow) as Vittoria.
I Sebastiani Pantalone and Gratiano. Eithna and Anton.
I Sebastiani Fabritio and Oratio. Gwendolyn and Christian.
I Sebastiani Drunken Revellers. Isabella/Fabrito (Gwendolyn) and Oratio (Christian).

The Masked Ball

This happened earlier in the week than usual, I think on the Monday night of war week.

Barn: Rosina and Alejandra Rosina and Alejandra.
Barn: Catalana Catalana.
Barn: Joshua Joshua and Conrad (Calontir).
Barn: Paul OK, Paul had a pretty good time this year. Remember, I refused to tell you his secret last year? Well, I'm not telling you again (although you could ask Richenza, who knows). Here he is with one of his young escorts.
Barn: Band The band for the ball. It was good to see Avatar there this year, at his first Pennsic.
Barn: Band2 More of the band. I didn't catch all of their names, there were some new faces there this year.
Barn: Catriana Catriana. She's the one pulling a small truckload of music along behind her. A dead giveaway, even with the Gwommi-esque mask.
Barn: Alejandra and Philip Alejandra and Philip White.
Barn: Joshua and Esther Joshua and his new fiancee Esther.
Barn: Ladies Esther, Juliana, and Richenda.
Barn: Crowd Hey, let's play "Spot yourself in the crowd!".
Barn: Crowd2 If you missed out the first time you get a free bonus game!
Barn: Crowd3 Last chance everyone! You know, my camera takes really bad crowd shots.
Barn: Gelosia Gelosia is one of the favourites in the barn.
Barn: William William Redcape, explaining the finer points of dance to one of the ladies at the masked ball.
Barn: Masks Some of the masks seen at the masked ball.

Gregory's Dance Party

On Tuesday night, Gregory Blount hosted a dance party. Food was good, entertainment was interesting, and we got to dance on the dance tent's new floor.

Catrina and Drea Catrina and Drea, two of the musicians who helped out.
Harpist A harpist.
Mara + Philip Mara and Philip.
Goose It was the night of the hand puppets at one stage. This goose appears to have collected its owner at an I Sebastiani performance.
Lyev Don Lyev and Etain.

The Caroso Ball

As usual, there was a caroso ball this year. Again, the new dance floor was excellent.

Gelosia Gelosia: Etain, Flip (partially obscured), Philip, Giulietta, William, Adele (behind William).
Rostiboli Gioioso One of the better renditions of Rostiboli Gioioso I've ever seen: Lyev and Etain.
Lauro Lauro: Judith and Joshua.
Galliard Galliard: Mara and Del
Galliard Galliard: Mara and Del again.

Around the Campsite

Ragnesfolke / Myrkfaelinn were good enough to allow me to camp with them this year. They even offered me food on occasion and taught me all about some interesting things you can do with a hamster, some woad, and a bag of socks.
Ragnesfolk The Ragnesfolk/Myrkfaelinn crowd.
Social Tent The Social Tent.
Campsite The Campsite.

After Pennsic

After Pennsic I headed for New York where I visited some libraries, museums, and just generally hung out.
Unicorn Tapestry One of the unicorn tapestries. Apologies for the lack of quality, it was taken without a flash in a fairly dark room and then digitally brightened. I was mostly looking at the different types of footwear on this one.
Unicorn Tapestry Another unicorn tapestry, complete with spectator (Cate). The dude on the left has a longer outfit, parti-coloured hose with a join above the knee, and an exceptionally impressive silly drinking hat with a couple of rather preposterously coloured feathers.
Eagle A ridiculous late gothic eagle candelabra. I'm not sure that this isn't roccoco, actually, I may have mis-read the labelling.
Hose Another tapestry, early 16th C. The guy in front has interesting hose, laced at the top to the very bottom of the back of the doublet, the doublet itself is missing any flap at the back, however it has a skirted front.
Mary One of the late gothic statues of Mary.
Mary The same statue, taken from the side.
Times Square Times square. An interesting and noisy place.
Green Dress At the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met). One of the earliest portraits I've seen involving an open-laced fronted dress and starting to see separated sleeves with the underdress / chemise visible. This is from around 1470.
Ghirlandaio A Ghirlandaio portrait, reminiscent of his more well known one of the old man and the young boy.
Mary I think this is Saint Justina (or possibly juliana; it's a J one way or another), I didn't get down the name of the artist, but it's from around 1530 I think. This was difficult to get a shot of because they've framed it and used highly reflective glass.

Amie says: This is almost certainly Agnolo Bronzino (1503-1572). Nobody else paints fingers the way he does. Bronzino painted the original (often copied) Eleonora of Toledo portrait -- the one with the incredible gown appliquéd with cloth-of-gold & black velvet.

Mary Another madonna and child, from around 1480.

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