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Arts & Science

Arts and Sciences is the study of all things to do with medieval recreation - including costuming, leatherwork, armouring, etiquette, pastimes, everyday life, dancing, weaving, calligraphy, carving, metalwork, embroidery and much, much more!

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A listing of the upcoming competitios........coming soon.

The Quest

Participants in The Quest have one year and one day in which to complete a diverse series of tasks and challenges - encompassing Arts & science skills, everyday life, survival skills, courtesy and more. Please visit The Quest page to read more and to follow the progress of our noble Questors.


Where are our Arts and Sciences links?

Instead of presenting you with a long list of web links, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery. Please visit our Quest pages to follow the valiant efforts of our Questors... and unearth rare and valuable Arts & Sciences web links along the way.

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