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Arts & Science

Arts and Sciences is the study of all things to do with medieval recreation - including costuming, leatherwork, armouring, etiquette, pastimes, everyday life, dancing, weaving, calligraphy, carving, metalwork, embroidery and much, much more!

On the third Sunday of each month, after the Council meeting, we have an Arts and Sciences afternoon at our new clubrooms, The Lair, which are at the Casuarina Wellard Community Centre, corner of Mortimer Rd and Barker Rd, Wellard. (2km from the Mortimer Rd Freeway exit). We'll be there till 5pm so come along and join us! All are welcome! Cost $5 per adult member.

Please bring whatever you are working on, or just come along and watch/learn from others. From time to time we will also have special A&S workshops - if you would like to teach how to do/make something, then please let us know!

Arts and Sciences Competitions

Twelfth Night 2016 hosted by the Barony of Southron Gaard, New Zealand

  • Summer Accessories - Accessories that you would use on hot summer days
  • Stone Working - Sculpture; stone carving; gem cutting; things made from ground stone
  • Things for fun - Period games, toys, dolls used by children and/or grown-ups

May Crown 2016 hosted by the Barony of Krae Glas, Victoria.

  • Jewellery - time period 1300 to 1600 - for a man or woman. No pearls are to be used.
  • An embroidered illuminated letter. The design may be your own or copied. Documentation must identify your inspiration. i.e. a drawing of your original design or a photocopy (with references) of the copied letter.
  • A wooden item - which may have been used in a mediaevil torture chamber.

Midwinter 2016 hosted by .....

  • Leather work - an item made from leather which might be useful for a calligrapher &/or an illuminator
  • From the bedroom - any item which might have been used or worn in the mediaevil bedroom.
  • From or for a Brewer - aside from the brew itself think of seals, serving, ingredients, measures, labels, containers, stoppers, etc.

November Crown 2016 To be advised

If you are thinking of entering one of the upcoming arts and sciences competitions, here are some helpful links for you:

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