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by Lady Rosalind le Clochard

This article appeared in the first edition of our Dragon's Bay Newsletter, April AS XVII.

The Celtic inspired sea seapent on the right is Norek, the device adopted by the Shire of Dragon's Bay, and this is a tale of how he evolved, well the way I remember it anyway...

In the early days of the Shire (well yes we have only been here for six months... but bear with me, all good tales start like this) the Populace was disposed to select a name for their beloved Shire. The coastal waters on our western shores and the rivers of the Serpentine Jarrahdale area inland inspired a feeling for the Viking and early period history.

Images of Vikings and Normans abounded and images of sea serpents and dragon boats began to take hold. Before long the name Dragon's Bay was chosen by the good people of the Shire. With a name came a desire for a device reflective of the lands upon which we play and Norek was born.

The artwork was based on the Celtic Dolphin by Cari Buziak from Aon Celtic Art, and adapted by Sir Peter D'Gaunt Noir (permission has been most generously granted by the artist for non profit use).

Many worthy suggestions for naming our most worthy Shire device ensued. One suggested name for the new Shire was naer-vorek . Naer is "serpent", and vorek is an adjectival form of mor - "sea" - another word with obvious cognates in all the Celtic languages. This seems to have evolved, by Chinese whispers, to Norek...

It has emerged favours most highly a local delicacy identified only as a Mint Slice and frequently the good people of the Shire honour Norek by these delicacies.

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