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What Is A Quest?

quest (n): a journey or undertaking in pursuit of a lofty or noble goal.
a chivalrous enterprise in medieval romance usually involving an adventurous journey.

How suitable then is such a personal endeavour to the goals and aspirations of those who are a part of a society that holds the ideals of Chivalry and Courtesy so high in its esteem, what better mark of distinction than to undertake the pursuit of lofty and noble goals...

So What Is The Quest?

If you enjoyed the achieving the suggested goals for newcomers or just like having defined targets to aim at then The Quest will be perfect for you as participants have a year and a day in which to complete a diverse series of tasks and challenges - encompassing A&S skills, everyday life, survival skills, courtesy and much more.

Our Quest may find its beginnings in the Shire of Appledore's "Tournament of the Golden Swan", this was adopted by the Barony of Aneala, and from these noble endeavours the Shire of Dragon's Bay has developed its own unique version.

To complete this Quest you must successfully complete a minimum of ten categories from the choices below, one of which must be "Courtesy and Etiquette".

The Categories



One Year and One Day

You may make as many attempts as you wish to succeed in each category, however, you will only have a year and a day to complete the Quest, this time begins on the very day you declare your intention to complete the tasks and challenges of your choice. It is required that you begin your Quest by announcing it on our mailing list or by a public declaration at one of our events.


Each questor will have their own page of deeds, where you can track their progress.

Questors should email updates, photos, etc to the Webminister so they can add them to there record of deeds.