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-To help out your group Reeve it is reccomended ​that those running events, ​download ​a copy of the {{:​stewards-event-template.xlsx|}} and edit the 'event tab' ​for your event.+To help out your group Reeve it is recommended ​that those running events, ​request ​a copy of the Event Report from your Reeve for your event.
-The information included ​is only a starting point but you should use it as a guide. Feel free to remove or add extra categories of income or expenditure to suit your own event. +This template ​is set up so that it can be used before during and after the event to minimise the workload at the endIt is set up as Google sheet so that it can be easily shared with the Reeve, Bookings, Feast Steward and Event Steward so that all involved have access to up to date (and the SAME) information.
- +
-You should send copy of the report to your group Reeve who will then be able to include ​that information ​in their own report+
 ===== Payments ===== ===== Payments =====

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