Stepping up and down tasks

Stepping Up

If you've just stepped up as your group reeve, the exchequer will send you an invitation to join the Dropbox for your group, Xero and a pointer to the Lochac Reeve's email list. Join these as soon as possible.

Get put on as a signatory on your group's bank account - this is probably the most important thing you have to do. All Australian groups that are with Westpac use only electronic signatories for local members (physical signatories are Board members only) - thankfully this is much simpler than being added as a physical signatory with most banks. Please provide the following information to the SCA Ltd. Treasurer:

  • Minutes from a group Council meeting confirming your addition to the group's bank account as a signatory;
  • Westpac Customer Reference Number (CRN);
    • If you aren't a Westpac customer and so don't have a CRN, drop by a branch with 100 points of ID to get one. Make sure it is enabled for business account use.
  • Date of birth;
  • Preferred email address;
  • Mobile number; and
  • Full legal name as registered with Westpac

For New Zealand groups and any that are not with Westpac, you will need to add yourself as a physical signatory - contact your bank to get the appropriate forms to do this. You should also change the account's mailing address to yours if your group doesn't have a PO Box.

Stepping Down

If you don't want to apply for an extension to your two year term (and after two years most Reeves can use a break!), then start advertising for your replacement about three to four months out from when you want to step down. Applications for Baronial and Shire positions can be sent to the Exchequer, while for Cantons these should be sent to the Baronial Reeve.

Once you've stepped down, unsubscribe from the email list here though you are welcome to stay on to offer your experience if you wish and leave the group Dropbox folder rather than deleting it (as this will remove the file from the SCA's dropbox rather than just from yours), by:

  1. Sign in to the Dropbox website
  2. Click on “Sharing” in the sidebar on the left
  3. Click on “Options” for the folder you want to leave
  4. Click the “Leave folder” button
  5. Check or uncheck “I still want to keep my copy of these files.”
  6. Click the “Leave folder” button again.

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