The Fibre Guild of Lochac

Welcome to the Website of The Fibre Guild of Lochac

The Fibre Guild of Lochac exists to promote knowledge of the fibre arts and crafts. This website acts as both a vehicle for Guild communication and as a method of teaching and educating about fibre work in the Living Middle Ages.

Our GuildMaster is Teffania de Tuckerton - you may contact her by email or at PO Box 8029, Monash University LPO, Clayton VIC 3800, Australia.

Please forgive our website which is currently in the process of being updated.


The most recent Guild Meeting was at Rowany Festival, A.S. XXXVIII

The Mailing List

We have a low volume Mailing List which often has useful information on our activities.


Latest Newsletter

The Guild Day Newsletter is now available for download



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