Great Northern War XVI
th to 9th of June 2014
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Stewarding Team Archery Shoot photo courtesy of Zia Wooley (used with permission)
Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta
(Kellianne Anderson)
Email: gnw @
Deputy Stewards:
Master Sir Steffan Glaube
Baron Master William Castille
Bookings Officer
Branwen verch Lewis ap Thomas (Bronwyn Adams)
Email: gnw-bookings at

Procurement Officer
Mistress Glynhavar of Riverhaven

Infrastructure Coordinator – Facilities
Sir Lorcan of Riverhaven
Feast Steward
VACANT (please contact Steward if you are interested)

Officer Coordinator
TH Baronessa Hrodny Aradottir

Marketing Officers
Sir Bain of Stornaway
We are currently seeking officers for the next GNW. If you wish to volunteer to take on an office, please contact the stewarding team.
Marshal (Heavy Combat)
  • Count Sir Henri de Montferrat
Marshal (Fencing)
  • TH Baron Dimitrii Borodinski
Marshal (Archery)
  • Kathelyne Berghart

Arts and Sciences Coordinator
  • Baroness Katherine Alicia of Salisbury

  • Lord Robyn of Twyford
List Mistress
  • Lady Gabriella Borromeo
  • Count Niall inn Orkneyski
  • Master Hrothgar Breaksword
Youth Coordinator
  • TH Baroness Josseline de Cour
  • Lady Ringwar Northwood
Entertainment Coordinator
  • TH Lady Christine Bess Duvant
  • Lady Kara of Kirremuir
Pagentry Officer
  • TH Lady Christine Bess Duvant
Merchant Coordinator
  • TH Baroness Josseline de Cour
  • Lady Ringwar Northwood
Bunkhouse Coordinator
  • Lady Carpathia
Transport Coordinator
  • Lord Robyn of Twyford