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Chatelaines Handbook

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The Kingdom Chatelaine's Office is dedicated to helping Local Hospitallers / Chatelaines fulfil their duties with confidence and efficiency.  This Office does this by setting policy and through the sharing of ideas.  This Handbook is designed to provide local officers with guidance on how to attract, educate and retain Newcomers, as well as other useful information pertinent to the office.

Through the effective discharge of their duties and responsibilities, local Hospitallers / Chatelaines are in the perfect position to serve both the current and future needs of the Kingdom and the Society as a whole.  Local Hospitallers / Chatelaines have the unique opportunity to make a difference at many SCA levels by ensuring that new members are provided with the tools necessary to get the most out of their SCA experience.


This is the first edition of the Lochac Chatelaines' Handbook.  It is a compilation of what I considered important for Lochac and I must state here that although I have changed some of the wording to suit Lochac customs, this Handbook is based, primarily, on what others have written, (why re-invent the wheel smiley ).  The information contained herein is only a guide for all Chatelaines and is to be used for the better enjoyment of this wonderful game that we play.

My grateful thanks to Lady Luce Antony Venus, Chatelaine to the Kingdom of Atlainia, for allowing me to use their version of the Handbook as a template.  In that regard, thanks must also go to Mistress Arianna Morgan, the original author and the many Gentles who assisted in the development of that original Handbook.  My thanks also to Mistress Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage for her insightful chapter regarding "Dealing with the Media".

This current version of the Kingdom of Lochac's Chatelaine's Handbook was compiled and written by Mistress Liduina de Kasteelen van Valkenbury OP, Baroness, OLM (West Kingdom), OST, OGT, Lochac Chatelain 2003 - 2008




Chapter 1
About the Office

Chapter 2
Attracting newcomers

Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Making the Newcomer Comfortable

Chapter 5
Gold Key (Loaner Garb & Feasting Gear)

Chapter 6
Dealing with the Media

Chapter 7
Media Briefing

Appendix I
Media Policy for the Kingdom of Lochac as at 26th April AS XLI (2007)



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