Welcome to Innilgard, the Adelaide branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), in the Kingdom of Lochac.

The SCA tries to recreate the best and most fun aspects of the Middle Ages, while leaving out all the unpleasant parts. We have tournaments and feasts, pursue crafts such as calligraphy, embroidery, wood and leatherwork, making garb, armour, beer and liqueurs. And occasionally we'll visit our neighbours interstate and have a battle or war, followed by tales and company in the evening.

Please come and join us. The easiest way to find out more or join in is to come along to one of our meetings or events. Most Sundays (check the Calendar first) we meet at the Beulah Park Girl Guide Hall from noon for Rapier and Heavy Combat practice, Arts & Sciences, and Dance practice. These meetings are informal, no need to dress in medieval garb.

Or come to one of our events. An attempt at medieval garb is preferred (and required for feasts and formal events).



Our last meeting for 2016 will be on the 18th of December. Meetings will commence in 2017 from 15 January.