Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the fun world of Arts and Sciences!

In the Society for Creative Anachronism, we strive to recreate the middle ages and Renaissance. One of the ways this is done is through our Arts and Sciences - the creation of things and the use of things.

The Arts and Sciences includes many things including: garb (costume), millinery, armouring, woodwork, embroidery, painting & drawing, calligraphy & illimination, cooking, brewing, music & singing, dancing, games, gardening, textile making, silversmithing, metal work, jewelry making, as well as archery and rapier fighting - just to name a few!

To help us in this, we have Arts and Sciences Officers. The job of the A&S Officer is to help aid, guide and encourage and in the recognition of our Artisans. If you are interested in a particular area of the Arts and Sciences, then contact our A&S Officer and they can tell you if there is someone local who can help you!

Other ways of getting involved in Arts and Sciences is through competitions, workshops, gossip and garbs, and the annual Innilgard Winter A&S Collegium. Each year, we invite Laurels to visit and teach. The A&S Collegium CD is compiled annually, by . This fund raiser helps towards the cost of our visiting teachers.
There are also specific A&S Guilds within the SCA. Active Guilds in Innilgard are:
Worshipful Company of Broiderers, Lochac Royal Guild of Defence (mainly Rapier), Painters and Limners, Woodworkers Guild, Bards Troubadours and Jongleurs, Brewers, Vitners and Imbibers, and the College of Scribes.


Innilgard is renowned for its cooking and brewing. We have an active cooking community as well as an active Chapter of the Lochac Cooks Guild. If you are interested in Medieval and Renaissance cooking, come along to
A&S practices on Sunday and chat to experienced cooks as well as novices.
There are regular opportunities to be involved in feast preparation, and members of the Barony often bring recipes along to A&S practices/meetings to be tasted and commented upon.

Cooking competitions are also regularly held.

A&S Competitions

The A&S competitions held at the Baron's Championship in March will be:

The A&S competitions held at the Viking feast June will be:

If there are not enough entries for both categories, it will be run as a single Norse-themed competition.

The A&S competitions held at the Night in Purgatory in September will be:

The A&S competitions held at a future event (to be announced) will be:

Please remember that it is VITAL that you provide the appropriate paperwork with each A&S entry. Forms can be found here.

Each entry needs to have an entry form, a judging form and a comments form attached. Kingdom A&S judging guidelines are used to help allocate points for entries. Items entered in the Kingdom A&S Competitions are judged on the following Criteria and judges may award up to 10 points for each:
Documentation, Authenticity, Creativity/Plausibility, Workmanship, Complexity.

Don't forget that there are also Kingdom level competitions being regularly run, and that there is a Laurel's Prize Tourney run at Festival. Entering your work gives you an opportunity to get valuable feedback. Please contact me if you have any queries or would like to know more.