Games & Revels Night

Saturday 26th July, North Adelaide Community Hall, Tynte St North Adelaide
Hall opens 5pm for a 6pm start

To the good gentles of Innilgard, Lord Faelan sends his greetings, and invites you to a night of Games and Revels in a spirit of fun and good fellowship.

The event will be a chance to test your skills at cards, at the Viking game of Hnefatafl, and at several forms of Chess from western lands and the Far East. If any gentles have further games they would like to bring, or entertainments they would like to arrange, please contact the event steward.

There will be tables set up for a bring-your-own feast (much as at last year’s Soiree), so if you wish to eat at the event, then bring your own meal (and feasting gear). Medieval style food is encouraged but not compulsory. (If you buy your feast on the way, please hide wrappers/containers.)

The following Medieval Board games will be provided:

The populace is of course encouraged to bring their own games or contact me if they have games they wish to add to the list.

Steward and Bookings: Faelan mac Flainn,
Cost: $15 for SCA members, $20 for non-members

Romans and Gauls Heavy Tournament

Sunday 20th July, Beulah Park Girl Guide Hall, Brand St. Beulah Park
Site opens for setup at 10am, Armour Inspection and Lists: 11am, Tourney Start 11:30am

Be ready for rivalry as the heavy combatants of the Barony take on the visage of both Romans and Gaul warriors to recreate this historic feud! This teams tournament will consist of armoured games and melee scenarios in which the Gauls will fend off the invading Roman armies. Don your best Roman or Gaul gear and indulge in the Asterix-inspired antics!

Ransom Tourney

Sunday 3rd August, Harry Bowie Reserve, Riversdale Drive, Salisbury Park
Setup 9.30, Lists open 10.30 for an 11am start

This Rapier tournament will be played with weapons tokens to determine the fighter's equipment, and the losing fighters will ransom themselves to their opponents with a token. Fighters may then use the weapons to hire allies for the melee rounds. Further rules will be supplied before the tournament.

Great Southern Gathering

This Annual event cycles between Innilgard, Krae Glas and Ynys Fawr. This year it is on the 3rd to 6th of October in Ynys Fawr (Tasmania).

Ynys Fawr's website has a booking form and some details of the event for 2014. The Great Southern Gathering website has pages on the GSG Charter, the Joint A&S Competition, and previous GSG events.

Baroness Ingerith writes:

Greetings all,

Now that you are back from Festival, Suth Moot or just getting over a surfeit of chocolate it is time to start thinking about the next big event on your calendar this year.

Great Southern Gathering VI is being held this year in the fair Barony of Ynys Fawr from Friday October 3rd to Monday October 6th.

I am coordinating the A&S schedule this year and Don Everard Sefar is coordinating the combat streams.  We can be reached at:
Ingerith -
Everard -

So this is a call for all of you A&S exponents to consider teaching a class at GSG.  Think you have nothing to offer? Think again.  Have you recently overcome an A&S project that you thought you could never achieve?  Have you looked at a painting and worked out how a garment was sewn or footwear made or anything else for that matter? Do you know how to do research? Then you have something to offer all of us who have not.

In particular Ynys Fawr offered an entertainment stream back in 2011 and this is being planned for again by popular demand.

What I need from you is the following information:

Your name (SCA)
Your class subject
Is there a cost for materials?
Level of teaching:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced How long do you want for you class:  30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, all morning, all day?
Do you prefer morning or afternoon, Saturday or Sunday?  A&S classes can run in opposition to the traditional Sunday tourneys and there can be many streams.

So go to it.  If you need anything clarified please let me know.

Ingerith (for the GSG VI Team)


Note that Tourneys and other outdoor events are likely to be cancelled if the forecast temperature is over 35 degrees celsius.