Unless state otherwise, all events are in-garb events. All attendees are expected to wear at least an attempt at pre-1650 garb. If you need to borrow some clothes for the event, please contact the Hospitaler at least a week before the event to arrange to borrow something appropriate.

Baronial Rapier Championship

Sunday 8th March, Mello Reserve, Brand St, Beulah Park.
Site opens 9am, Lists open 10am, Lists closes 10:45am, Tourney starts 11am.

Come witness the gallant feats of arms displayed by the noble fencers of the Barony of Innilgard, as they compete for the privilege of serving as the next Baronial Rapier Champion! This spectacle shall be conducted as a 'Man in the Middle' styled round robin. Single sword only.

Event Steward- Baroness Eva von Danzig



Note that Tourneys and other outdoor events are likely to be cancelled if the forecast temperature is over 35 degrees celsius.