Rapier fighting is a period form of fencing, most common in the late 1500's. The main differences between Rapier and modern fencing are: Rapier is fought not just 'in line' (like modern fencing) but 'in the round'. This makes the footwork very different to modern 'Olympic fencing'. Modern fencing uses a foil or epee. This was not used pre-1600 AD. In the SCA, we use rapiers - a wider, heavier blade, lending to different styles and forms of fighting.

The Innilgard School of Fencing has been in existance for over 10 years, and is experiencing another recent resurgence. Regular practices occur on Sundays, with the College of Blessed Herman holding combined practices on Wednesdays, during term.

To fight rapier you are required to be 'authorised' - showing you are competent and safe. You are required to have a minimum amount of armour, including a fencing mask, for safety. With the new Lochac Kingdom rules, we can fight with either fibreglass rapiers or commercial metal rapiers that are up to the Kingdom standards. We can help you to acquire these abilities and equipment.

The Royal Guild of Defence is a Kingdom-wide guild aimed at research, teaching and fighting in forms that existed pre 1600AD. Many of Innilgard and College rapier fighters are members of the guild. If you are interested in learning rapier or joining the Guild of Defence, please contact Don Aylwin.

As rapier is considered one of the Arts and Sciences, in Lochac, there is no rapier-specific Kingdom level award. The A&S Kingdom level awarded for excellence in research, teaching and fighting rapier is the Order of the Golden Lily.


Awards for Rapier:

Baronial: Courtier

Kingdom:   The Order of the Rapier
The Order of the White Scarf of Lochac


Lochac Rapier Championship
Results are published in Pegasus.

The fencing year is from May Crown until the next Festival (at Easter). Events scheduled between Festival and the May (same year) are not eligible.

For a tournament to have points towards the Championship it needs to:

The following are not eligible

For a tourney to be eligible the event steward must report the following: