Laurel Prize 2002

In 2002 we took some photos of the people and work on display at Laurel Prize.

Aprons by Helene du Puy

Helene du Puy.

Helene's beautiful pleated German aprons.

Armour by Sir Innigo

Some of this armour was made by Lord Kitan of St Florians (apprenticed to Leofric), and some by Sir Innigo Missaglia, from Ildhafn. The arms and legs were definitely made by Sir Innigo; I had a good conversation about the articulation with him. (It's smooth as, by the way.)

Elaborate German dress

Elaborate German dress - photos and creator.

German_dressG.jpg13.07 KB

Elizabethan Clothing by Valeria de Borgia

Lady Valeria de Borgia, who made the ruff and shirt.

Elizabethan ruff and beautifully-made hand-stitched child's shirt, made by Lady Valeria de Borgia.

Embroidered Illuminated Capital

"Illuminated" initial embroidered in split-stitch

Embroidered Strawberry by Catalina

This unfinished piece is Catalina's first attempt at stump-work.

Lady who embroiders the strawberries.

Hat by Rohese de Fairhurst

Rohese de Fairhurst with her wonderfully silly hat.

Close-up of Rohese's hat.

Illumination and Embroidery by Katherine Alicia of Sarum

Katherine Alicia of Sarum from Riverhaven.

Some earlier work from this talented lady.

White-vine work by Katherine Alicia of Sarum.

Strewn-flower border - individual flowers well-executed, likewise overall design.

Applique and embroidery.

Later illumination, includes very nice ivy work and charming cat figures. Also some chain-stitch embroidery.

Mirror-work by Oonagh O'Neill

Oonagh O'Neill

Oognagh's mirror-work. She also does period jewellery, especially twisted-wire rings.

Music by Crispin Sexi and Rhiannon

Crispin Sexi (and Baby Sexi), in front of his music. Rhiannon (vocal performance) is on his left.

Or nué work by Marienna Jensdatter

Marienna Jensdatter, from Ildhafn, who is Rowan's apprentice.

Or nué work by Rowan's apprentice, Marienna Jensdatter from Ildhafn, very beautiful.

Sand-cast Bronze Plaque Belt

Sand-cast Bronze Plaque Belt.

Shoes and Clothes by Llewellyn ap Dafydd

Llewellyn ap Dafydd (Yseult's nephew) with some of his documentation.

Llewellyn's hand-made shoes.

Llewellyn's hand-made clothes, showing detail of silk-ribbon neck facing, running-stitched along both edges and whip-stitched at the bottom, plus hand-made button holes and buttons.