Laurel Prize 2016

Here are photos from Laurel Prize at Rowany Festival in 2016.

Adeline de Montfort

Adeline de Montfort with calligraphy and illumination.

Ailis inghean Mheadhbha

Ailis inghean Mheadhbha with Norse dress.

Alesia au Cheval Blanc

Alesia au Cheval Blanc with clothes

Anastasia del Valente

Anastasia del Valente with clothing and decorations.

Anna von der Ron

Anna von der Ron with clothes.

Annabelle Perrot

Annabelle Perrot with medieval academic dress.

Anne de Tournais

Anne with mustard and a feasting primer.

Ant Blowme of Saint Cloud

Ant Blowme of Saint Cloud with painted ceramics.

Ariston Hegelochou

Ariston Hegelochou with leather armour.

Claricia filia Wilelmi dapiferi

Claricia filia Wilelmi dapiferi with knitted shorts.

Elizabeth de Foxle

Elizabeth de Foxle with embroidery.

Gabriel van Dorne

Gabriel van Dorne with sheilds.

Giles Leabrook

Giles Leabrook with food.

Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye

Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye with music.

Honoré Corbaut

Honoré Corbaut with hats.

Hugh de Calais

Hugh de Calais with spoons.

James Longstride

James Longstride with blacksmithing.

Jessica of Fearn Abbey

Jessica of Fearn Abbey with cheese.

Jon Dai

Jon Dai with saddle.

Kit Hackforth

Kit Hackforth with blacksmithing.

Maelmuire ingen Alpin

Maelmuire ingen Alpin with necklaces.

Mairi of Kilravok

Mairi of Kilravok with embroidery and a doll.

Mary Eskine

Mary Eskine's drop spinning.

Patric Lowther

Patric Lowther with various preserves.

Rosalind Beaufort

Rosalind Beaufort with brewing.

Sophia van Dorne

Sophia van Dorne with embroidery and hat.

Tatianitska Iaroslavna

Tatianitska Iaroslavna with blood bread.

Unknown person

Apologies - Crispin lost his notes. Please let us know if you know this person's name.