Master Wolfgang Adolphus Jager

Elevated at 12th Night Coronation ASXXXV, Lough Devnaree, Drachenwald, by Prothall and Cecelia (2001-01-06)

Got into re-enactment via metal weapons in Edinburgh in 1988 and ended up helping found an SCA Shire in 1990 (Harpelestane), which I was seneschal of for 10 years or so. I was also deputy Kingdom Seneschal for the Isles Region of Drachenwald for a couple of years, and a Marshal at Large. Laurelled in 2001 - I was told that I was being laurelled for “Being Period”, what that means, I'm not sure... Married and moved to Lochac in 2005, Mundanely I'm a postdoctoral research scientist, studying liver enzymes.

Major Fields: "Being Period": especially clothing for under armour, C&I, Dance...

Current Apprentices: I don't do apprentices.

Wolfgang Adolphus Jager's device

Per pale sable and gules, a dragon segreant and in chief two ermine spots or.

Current Interests: Textile armours. Better looking rattan weapons.

Current Group: Riverhaven

Wolfgang Adolphus Jager is currently Active within the society.