Mistress Clara van der Maes

At Rowany Baronial investiture on 17 May 2014 by King Alfar and Queen Angharat

Major Fields: Clothing

Current Apprentices:

Current Interests: Transition era clothing, especially of the Low Countries (Netherlands and Flanders). This is the transition from the Medieval to the Early Modern and occurs in Western Europe in the late 1400s and early 1500s. Starting work on men's clothing from this time. Ongoing work on huiks (heuke, hoyke) - aka Dutch duck-billed cloaks, and hovetcleets (Flemish starched veils). Slowly building the grand unifying theory of fashion movement as a function of changing power, politics and worldviews in the transition out of the Middle Ages.

Current Group: Rowany

Web Page: http://dutchrenaissanceclothing.wordpress.com

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Clara van der Maes is currently Active within the society.