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Stormhold March Monthly Bash

Lists Officer: Adrian Neggerstein

Date: 02/03/2008 (dd/mm/yyyy)

Type of Tourney: Heavy - Callange Tourney

Event Steward: Rodrigo of Abbotsford
Marshal in Charge: Hanbal Reis al Barbary
Other Marshals: Rodrigo of Abbotsford, Margie of Glen More, Vandel (supervised), Siridean McLachlan, Cormac Lenihan (in other words, just about anyone could fight)
Heralds: Adrienne Fildyng de Faux
Royalty Present: Baron and Baroness Stormhold as representatives of the crown.

Number of Fighters in Tournament: 6
Time Taken for Tournament (in minutes): 90

Other Notes: (please add any further details of tourney here)
The Challange Tourney began with the two newest fighters.  The winner would continue to face the next most experienced combatant until the most experienced arrives on the field.  Challanges must then be made until said combatant is defeated from the field.  Thereafter, combatants must make challanges to each other.  The combatant with the most victories is declared the winner.

Tournament Details

Placing: Combatant Name, Bouts Won, Lost, Draw

1st: Count Sir Siridan MacLachlan, 13, 3, 0

2nd: Cormac Lenihan, 7, 8 , 0

3rd: Ailis Inghean, 3, 3 , 0

3rd: Hanbal Reis al Barbary, 3, 4 , 0

5th: Aeneas de Kynyor, 1, 4, 0

5th: Tobias the Troubadour, 1, 6, 0

Name of Event:September Monthly Bash
Held: 26th August 2007
Submitted by:  Lord Belissario as recorded by Lady Elanora
Event type: Round Robin in three parts; standard, to three counted blows and on an holmgang
Steward: Baron Rodrigo the Peaceful
Marshal in Charge: Conan Macandreiss
Heralds: Gilligan of St Monicas 
Royalty Present:

No of fighters: 3
Time taken: Unknown

Bouts Won:
Master Cormac Lenehan             4
Master Daffyd of the Glenns        3
Lord Belissario Lascaris               2

Round 1 (Standard Round Robin)
Belissario def  Daffyd
Cormac def Belissario
Daffyd def Cormac

Round 2  (Round Robin to Three Counted Blows)
Daffyd def Belissario  (3 touches to 2)
Cormac def Belissario  (3 touches to 2)
Cormac def Daffyd (3 touches to 1)

Round 3 (Round Robin on an Holmgang)
Daffyd def Belissario
Cormac def Belissario
Cormac def Daffyd

Other Notes:
The Tournament winner was Master Cormac Lenehan  who was not contesting for the  title of Baroness' Champion
The new Baroness' Champion was Master Daffyd.

Name of Event: June Montly Bash
Date of Event: 3rd June 2007
Submitted by: Cormac Lenihan

Event Type: Double Round Robin

Marshal in Charge:
Royality Present:

Number of Fighter:
Time Taken:


Douglas FitzWilliam
Belisario Lascarides
Tobias the Troubadour

Other Notes:

First round:

  • Douglas d Belisario
  • Douglas d Tobias
  • Belisario d Tobias

Second round:

    • Douglas d Belisario
    • Douglas d Tobias
    • Tobias d Belisari

Name of Event: May Monthly Bash
Date of Event: 6th May 2007

Submitted by: Baron Rodrigo of Abbotsford

Event Type

  1. Tournament type is double elimination, best of three.
  2. Fighters are paired by chance.
  3. After each round, Pairs are redrawn.
  4. Eliminations proceed as a result of bouts.
  5. When the field is reduced to a small number i.e. 3, 4 or 5, the tourney changes to a round robin best of three.

Marshal in Charge:
Royality Present: B&B Stormhold

Number of Fighter: 8
Time Taken:


  • Rodrigo of Abbotsford
  • Sir Hugh the little
  • Sir Wolfram Flammenherz
  • Allistair Maclean
  • Cormac lenehan
  • Ewan MacAndreiss
  • Belasario
  • Tobias the Troubadour

Other Notes:

The winner was Sir Hugh



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