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List Keepers Report,

Barony of Aneala

Maidiu Ruadh

February A.S. 42

My last report was in June A.S. 42 so I hope to cover the missed events as well as those in the last quarter with this report. From the reports that I have received, the martial arts are quite strong with activity in all the groups in and around Perth and some competions in the proposed shire of Dragon's Bay and the Shire of Bosenburg.

I have not received any reports from Bosenburg or Dragon's Bay, but I been remiss in tracking down this information as well.

The summary of the tournaments so since the June report are below:

Tournament of the Roses, August 12 th , A.S. 42 College of St Basil the Great

I do not have a report of this event.

Barony of Aneala Championship, September 28 th to October the 1 st A.S. 42 Barony of Aneala

The Baronial Championship was run at the Ern Jhalliday Recreation Camp. The heavy list of the was won by Lord Prospero ab Aqua, the rapier list by Lord Donnchadh Baillie and the archery list by Lord Jehan de Benne.

College Challenge, October 21 st College of St Basil the Great

The College of St Basil the Great hosted it's annual challenge this. There was a really good turn out and everyone enjoyed the event, unfortunately after a closly fought contest the College did not win the rapier or heavy list that were fought that day. The results of the cooking contest were not recorded by the lists.

Toys for Tots, December 2 nd Barony of Aneala

This annual event run by Mistress Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada was a great success. I was only able to attend the last two thirds of the event, and was not list keeper for that day, however I believe Sir Kane Greymane was the victor of the heavy list and Lord Donnchadh Baillie won the rapier competion of the day.

Dragon's Bay Archery Event, December 9 th A.S. 42 Proposed(?) Shire of Dragon's Bay

The steward of this event was Lady Genevieve Du Montfluer. I did not attend this event. Since Dragon's Bay is a proposed Shire, I am not sure what the reporting requirements are.

Yule War and Barbeque, December 16 th A.S. 42 Canton of Abertridwr

This event was run by Lord Andre de Montsegur. From what I have heard it went well but I have not yet contacted Andre about the event.

Arrows and Eros and Arrows Archery Tournament, February 10 th Barony of Aneala

This event occurred last week and I have not yet received a copy of the results for the event, unfortunately I was not able to attend the event. From verbal reportss the first half of the shoot was a royal round with the afternoon taken up with other types of target shoots, and Baroness Catherine d'Arc was the victor

Yours in service
Maidiu Ruadh

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