ARTICLE III -- The Crown

Section 1 Eligibility for the Crown Tournament

All authorised fighters resident in the Kingdom of Lochac have the right to compete in the Crown List, provided they are in compliance with the Rules of the List, the Laws of the Kingdom, the governing documents of the SCA and have not been excluded by the Crown for reasons it deems valid. Each fighter must have a consort who is also resident in Lochac, and who is subject to the above conditions. At least one of each fighter and consort shall be aged eighteen years or above. All fighters and their consorts must be acceptable to the Crown.

(i) Requirements for Entry

Each fighter entering the Crown Tournament, and his or her consort must be current members of the SCA, at least one of which must be at least a subscribing member. Membership must be maintained by the winner and his or her consort throughout their tenure as Crown Prince and Princess and Crown.

(ii) Membership Requirements

In order to qualify as a current member, fighters and consorts must be listed in the Registrar's data base as a current member on the first day of the month in which the Crown Tournament is held.

(iii) Fealty

On entering the Crown Tournament, a fighter and his or her consort shall swear that should they win, they will attend their Coronation, the following Crown Tournament and the Coronation of their successors, and that they are willing and able to swear fealty to Lochac for the duration of their reign.

(iv) Intent to Reign

No one shall compete for the Crown of Lochac without intending to reign should he or she win.

(v) Successive Reigns

The Crown of Lochac may not succeed themselves as either Sovereign or Consort of Lochac.

Section 2 Succession

(i) Failure to Attend Coronation

Should the Crown Prince and/or Princess, through no fault of their own, be unable to attend their Coronation, such steps as are necessary and acceptable to them and to the Crown shall be taken, that they may be Crowned.

(ii) Sovereign or Consort Unable to Reign by Cause of Illness or Death

If the Crown Prince or Princess become seriously ill or die between the time of the Crown Tournament and their investiture as Crown, the remaining Crown Prince or Princess may reign alone, vested with the full powers of the Crown.

(iii) Crown Prince and/or Princess Unwilling to Reign

If the provisions of the previous subsection do not apply and the Crown Prince and/or Princess are unable or unwilling to start their reign, a Curia Regis shall be called to make preparations for a Crown Tournament which shall be held at the beginning of the Coronation event or, if this date shall have passed, at the earliest date practicable. Entry into this Tournament shall be restricted to those fighters and consorts who were eligible to enter the previous Crown Tournament and who remain eligible, except for the victor of the previous Crown Tournament, and their consort who shall both be barred. The winner and consort of this Tournament shall be Crowned immediately.

(iv) Inability to Complete Reign

Should either the Sovereign or Consort become unable or unwilling to complete their reign, the other may continue to reign alone and shall contain all the power of the Crown.

(v) The Regent

Should the Crown become unable or unwilling to complete their reign, the Champion of Lochac shall be Regent, and shall have all the powers of the Crown with the exception that the Regent may not change the Laws or give out awards. The Regent may not fight or be fought for in the Crown Lists.

(vi) Duties of the Regent

If the Crown has abdicated without heirs, the Regent shall crown the winner and consort of the next Crown Tournament as King and Queen immediately. If the Crown fails to complete their reign after Their heirs have been chosen, the Regent shall crown the Crown Price and Princess at the next scheduduled Coronation event.

Section 3 Selecting The Crown

(i) Conduct of Combat

The conduct of combat, Rules of the Lists, requirements of arms and armour, and rules concerning the use of horses shall be governed by the Conventions of Combat of the Kingdom of Lochac.

(ii) Tournament Form

The Crown shall choose the tournament form by which their successors shall be chosen.

(iii) Standard List

The standard list for Lochac Crown tournaments is a double elimination list conducted in accordance with the guidelines given in the Kingdom Conventions of Combat.

(iv) Entry in Crown lists

Candidates for the Crown must be eligible as defined in Article III Section 1.

(v) Opponents

Each fighter by entering in the Crown Lists, declares willingness to fight all opponents in the Lists.

(vi) Crown Prince and Princess

The winner of the Crown Tournament, and his or her consort, shall bear the titles of Crown Prince and Princess of Lochac.

(vii) Champion of lochac

The fighter who is runner up in the Crown Tournament shall bear the title of Champion of Lochac for the duration of the reign of the winner of this Tournament.

Section 4 Coronation

(i) King and Queen

At their Coronation, the Crown Prince and Princess of Lochac shall assume the titles of King and Queen as appropriate to their gender and shall be vested with the full powers of the Crown.