It shall be the right and privilege of the Crown to convene and hold a Curia Regis for the purpose of hearing counsel, discussing or making pronouncements on any issue of concern to Lochac.

Composition of Curia Regis

The Curia Regis shall consist of the Crown who convene the Curia and preside over it, the Seneschal, any Kingdom Officers who may be involved in the subject matter of the Curia, and any other persons the Crown may desire to include at a particular meeting of the Curia.

Notice of Curia

Prior notice of a Curia Regis, with the time, location and subject matter, must be announced at an official Crown event, and printed in PEGASUS or otherwise advertised throughout Lochac.

Conduct of Curia

Any subject of the Crown of Lochac may attend sessions of the Curia and may petition the Crown upon matters relevant and appropriate. The business of Lochac is not secret from the subjects of the Crown.

Decisions of the Curia

Decisions of the Curia shall be made by the Sovereign and Consort after hearing the advice of the Curia. The Crown acting in accordance with the wishes of a Curia Regis may cause the proclamation and publication of resultant proposed laws without reference to a Royal Advisory Council.