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All authorised fighters resident in the Kingdom of Lochac have the right to compete in the Crown List, provided they are in compliance with the Rules of the List, the Laws of the Kingdom, the governing documents of the SCA and have not been excluded by the Crown for reasons it deems valid. Each fighter must have a consort who is also resident in Lochac, and who is subject to the above conditions. At least one of each fighter and consort shall be aged eighteen years or above. All fighters and their consorts must be acceptable to the Crown.

Requirements for Entry

Each fighter entering the Crown Tournament, and his or her consort must be current subscribing members of the SCA. Membership must be maintained by the winner and his or her consort throughout their tenure as Crown Prince and Princess and Crown.

Membership Requirements

In order to qualify as a current member, fighters and consorts must be listed in the Registrar's data base as a current member on the first day of the month in which the Crown Tournament is held. To be so listed, membership applications and renewals must reach the SCA Registrar no later than the 20th of the month prior to the month in which the Tournament is held.


On entering the Crown Tournament, a fighter and his or her consort shall swear that should they win, they will attend their Coronation, the following Crown Tournament and the Coronation of their successors, and that they are willing and able to swear fealty to Lochac for the duration of their reign.

Intent to Reign

No one shall compete for the Crown of Lochac without intending to reign should he or she win.

Successive Reigns

The Sovereign of Lochac may not succeed themselves as either Sovereign or Consort of Lochac. The Consort of Lochac may not succeed themselves as either Sovereign or Consort of Lochac. No champion may succeed those that they placed on the Thrones, or fight in successive Crown Tournaments.

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