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Conduct of Combat

The conduct of combat, Rules of the Lists, requirements of arms and armour, and rules concerning the use of horses shall be governed by the Conventions of Combat of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Tournament Form

The Crown shall choose either a double elimination list, or a 12th century tournament massed combat list as the method by which thir successors shall be chosen.

The following are the methods for conducting a properly constituted Crown List within the Kingdom of Lochac.

The current Crown can select the method by which their successors will be chosen. Candidates for the Crown must be eligible as defined in Article , Section .


The Crown may allow champions to fight in a double elimination Crown List. The champion must identify themselves as a champion and name those they champion in the invocation ceremony.


Each fighter by entering in the Crown Lists, declares willingness to fight all opponents in the Lists.

Standard List

A double elimination list conducted in accordance with the guidelines given in the Kingdom Conventions of Combat.

The winner of the Crown Tournament, and his or her consort, shall bear the titles of Crown Prince and Princess of Lochac.

The fighter who is runner up in the Crown Tournament shall bear the title of Champion of Lochac for the duration of the reign of the winner of this Tournament.

12th Century List

Candidates in this type of tournament communicate their intention to compete to the Crown in writing prior to the tournament. The crown will then publish a list of the names of the candidates in Pegasus.

At Invocation Court the candidates are identified and are asked to marshal their forces to contest for the Crown of the Kingdom. Fighters of the Kingdom gather around their chosen candidate in preparation for the tournament.

The Tournament is conducted as a grand melee. The space allocated to the melee should be as large as practicable.

The leader of the group with the last fighter standing is named Crown Prince and his consort Crown Princess.

The fighters who had given their allegance to the winner of the first Tournament select one of the remaining candidates to fight for. A second grand melee is held. The leader with the last fighter left standing in this tournament is named Champion of Lochac.

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