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Conflict of Interest

No person may hold more than one Principality Office excepting as noted under the Earl Marshal's office.

No corporate officer of the SCA may hold any Principality Office.

The King and Queen shall hold no other office in Lochac, or its subsidiary groups, during their reign. Offices normally held by them shall be filled by their Deputies, or such other persons as they may appoint for the duration of their reign.

Officers may not be Local Seneschals

Because of the amount of work involved, no person may hold simultaneously a Kingdom Office and the office of Seneschal in a local branch of the Kingdom.


It shall be the responsibility and duty of each Great and Lesser Officer of the Kingdom to maintain regular contact with the local officers below them.


It shall be the duty of each Great and Lesser Officer to obtain a deputy capable of assuming their office in case of emergency, within six months of taking up their position.


We're interested in comments on this section. Barons and Baronesses should probably be required to be members and have access to newsletters (i.e. one should be a subscribing member), but what about other local officers? Perhaps just some (seneschal, herald, marshal, A&S)?

All Great and Lesser Officers must be subscribing members of the SCA and shall maintain such membership while they are Officers.

All local officers must be at least family or associate members of the SCA while they are officers.

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