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There shall be a Council of Regalia. Its duties will be to advise the Crown as to the artistic, historical, and practical merit of proposed regalia and equipment. Further, the Council will specifically advise the Crown as to the acceptability of such items. All offers of donation, and all proposals for acquisition of Crown regalia will be handled through this Council. Any article of regalia given to the Sovereign and Consort without having first been approved by the Council will be deemed a personal gift to the King and Queen to whom it is presented. All items of regalia are considered the property of the Kingdom of Lochac and may be disposed of only with the unanimous consent of the Council.


The Council shall consist of the Sovereign and Consort, the Seneschal, the Minister of Arts, a representative of the Order of the Laurel, and the Keeper of Regalia.

Keeper of Regalia

The Keeper of Regalia is charged with ensuring that the Council for Regalia meets at least once each reign.

Council for Regalia

The Council for Regalia will conduct an inventory of the Royal Regalia immediately prior to its transfer from the outgoing to the incoming Crown. A representative of both sets of Crowns should be present. The Council shall determine if the outgoing Crown shall be held fiscally responsible for loss or damage to regalia entrusted into their care. The new Crown shall acknowledge in writing the receipt of those items of Regalia coming into their possession. Other items of Regalia shall remain in the possession of the Council's representative.

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