The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Isabella de Bordeaux

(Lynn Rudd)



Elevated by Kinggiyadai and Altani on 20th June 2015 at Saturnalia Ball D’Argent in Torlyon

Isabella is a retired Courtesan from the courts of the Medici. Her mother was an Italian noblewoman and her father a French wine-merchant. Both died when she was in her early teens and she was taken in by an aunt who was a Courtesan and Isabella was trained by her. She encourages all in the pursuit of arts be they Martial or Artistic. She travelled widely and amassed a fortune which she used to promote artisans that she felt were worthy of assistance. She has settled down now and has a family but still encourages all in their artistic pursuits.

In mundane life she is a retired nurse, mother and grandmother. She has been in the SCA since 1991. She enjoys cooking, heraldry, painting, starting to pick up needlework, sewing and archery. She has been part of several groups (Parvus Portus in Riverhaven, Drachenschloss in Rowany – both now closed), and has finally come to rest in Torlyon. She has held the positions of Seneschal, herald and Chirurgeon in Torlyon – herald and Chirurgeon in other groups and was Kingdom Chirurgeon at one stage. She is currently Politichopolis Baronial Chirurgeon. She was protégé to Mistress Lorix (Lousia Lyppard de Cattone)

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The arms of Isabella de Bordeaux

Device - Per bend Or and sable, a sun in splendour vert and a bunch of grapes slipped and leaved Or.


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