The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Bran an torcdubh mac Bruide

(Bruce Hanwright)


Given by Ædward I and Yolande I on 11 Apr 2004, at Rowany Festival XXII (8-13 Apr 2004 at Crossroads Medieval Village, Yass, NSW, AU). 

My persona is from Dal Riada, the Irish settlement on the West Coast of (now) Scotland (now called Argyllshire) after a split in the powerful Uí Néill Clan circa 500 AD under Fergus Mór mac Eirc.  My specific period is soon after Kenneth Mac Alpin united the Dal Riadans (Scots/Irish), the Albannach (Northern Picts), the Goddodin (South Eastern Picts) and the Cruithne (Strathclyde Picts) mid 9th Century AD.  I am therefore looking at late 9th Century to early 10th Century. 

My persona is a blend of Scots, Pictish and Irish.  I try to use the ideas from these peoples in my garb and in the accessories I wear, and in the designs I create to decorate them. 

Alternative Title – Maighstir

Current Protégés:

Roskva Alunsdottir (River Haven), Hroðny Aradóttir (River Haven), Alanna Galliwoode (Aneala – currently Insulae Draconis), and Ersébet Szöke (St Florians)

Past Protégés:

Master Gilchrist Morgan

Current Interests:

  • I enjoy designing and crafting Celtic Designs, on leather, material and wood by carving, painting and/or stamping – I embellish my garb and my accessories, and have designed Duchy and Baronial Coronets and pouches for many people around the Known Worlde
  • I enjoy cooking for large numbers of people, and ensuring that they all leave the event with good feelings
  • I enjoy wayfaring to other groups and seeing and assisting in the way they do things
  • I enjoy relaxing and interacting with other SCA players at events
  • Soon I hope to move into metal work and/or period furniture making.


In progress


Web Page:

Current Group:

St Florian del la Riviere

Last Update: 26 April, 2014

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