The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Fineamhain an Einigh inghean Ui Chonchobhair


Mistress Fineamhain was elevated at Rowany 25th Anniversay Feast by Hugh & Therasa, AS XLII

Finn and the lovely Gillian & Ms Hunydd at Midwinter AS XLII in Southron Gaard

Personal Motto:

"Res Crescunt Concordia"
(Things grow from harmony)

Current Protégés:

Lord Michael of Gallicia (Stowe), Lady Elyssant de Montrose (Stowe), Lady Caterina Sansovino (Rowany) & Lady Iuliana mogleri Francesco Morosini (Southron Gaard)

Past Protégés:

Current Interests:

Not costuming! Heraldic display (banners), folk and part singing, dance music, event stewarding.


Mistress Fineamhain's device
Quarterly gules and azure on a fess Or three bees displayed sable


Web Page:

Current Group:

Kingdom of Ansteorra, Barony of Stargate
mundanely Houston, Texas


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