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This is the recognised website for the Lochac fencing community, which is supported and hosted by the Lochac Rapier Marshallate.

All queries about fencing in Lochac should be directed to the Lochac Kingdom Rapier Marshal.

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Updated more Guild members
29 Jan 2015

Updated Ceara and Liarden. Added Perrin, Lorcan. Owain, Bartolomae, Francesco.

Updated several Guild memberships
28 Jan 2015

Added Anna de Wilde, Jude of Lunihawke and Alexious of Yuri. Updated Raegan of Lunihawk.

OWL List Updated
8 Sep 2014

Now at 22.

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    Lochac Rapier Marshallate / Announcements


    4 June 2012 -  Kingdom Rapier Marshal

    Greetings to the practitioners of the arts of defence!

    Time and measure are our bread and butter, but it seems that time has slipped through my fingers in the role of Kingdom Rapier Marshal. By my calculation I am already in my 7th of 8 quarters, of a 2 year tenure. I may have miscalculated, but in many ways it doesn't matter.

    Yet, there remains so much to do. To mention just a few items:

    • Formulation and implementation of new rules to reflect our simpler authorisation process.
    • Implementation of the Society Blade Evaluation Rules.
    • Further consideration of the C+T longsword/gauntlet issue.
    • Encouraging our fencers to be as powerful and wonderful administratively as they are on the field, and we have a journey to make there, for sure.

    It is my belief that we are ready to go forward on those agenda items, but it may be that other issues I have not attended to are more important to you all. Either way, I am greatly heartened by the quality of our recent debates in this forum.

    Let me say clearly that I have been honoured to hold this role, and enjoy it. You - all of you - should look in your hearts and consider whether you would be the right person to take this job from me. I will gladly give it to you, or, if you feel that I am the right person to hold the job for another 2 years I would gladly stay on. After that time I will be required to hand the job over.

    Perhaps you would like to succeed me, but feel that you need to be active as a deputy for two years before you want to take over. Perhaps you feel that you should take over right now. If you want me to stay on for another term, you are also telling me that my deputies will be fully and actively running the business by the time I step down. This is a matter for my deputies (and those who wish to be my deputies) to consider deeply now, too.

    If you have an opinion on this matter please speak to me, the Kingdom Earl Marshal, or raise public debate on this list.

    I am not being pushed - I am pushing you to speak up or stand up, to take my job now, or to take it in two years. Whether you take an officer's role in fencing or any of our other wonderful endeavours I hope that by your efforts our Society grows and is enhanced.


    Giles Leabrook
    Kingdom Rapier Marshal.

    4 May 2012 - Approved Blades

    Recently the Society Rapier Marshal made some adjustments to the list of approved blades for rapier and C+T , and introduced the "flex test". Lochac's rules remain unchanged at this time - we are still using the approved blades in the Appendix.

    However, if you have a blade not mentioned in Appendix for the purpose you intend, and it passes the flex test mandated by the SRM (and actually passes it, not you think it might pass and you will do it one day), then if you communicate that to me I will accept that blade as an experimental blade in the Kingdom of Lochac and you are free to play.

    In particular I will name William Blackwood's Hanwei schlagers. If they meet the test for C+T then they are free for use. Enjoy.

    I would like to hear the opinion of the practitioners about the idea of abandoning our approved blade list and moving to the Society flex test. That is your cue to speak up.

    Please note: this does not give you carte blanche to grab any old bit of iron and whack someone with it. The blade must meet the flex test, and you must still use it safely and with due consideration. And you must tell me that you have tested the blade. If you haven't, or if the blade fails then I will hang you out to dry. If you are lucky.



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