Special Events Calendar

Here you will find a list of special events, such as Baronial Championship, Royal Events, Wars, Collegia, Festivals and the like.
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Activities and Details are announced on the River Haven email list.

Updated: 1st February, 2016. Page Refreshing is recommended.



February, 2016.

13th – 14th February   Queen St Mall Demonstration

20th February   Red & White Tournament, and Games and Dessert picnic

20th – 21st February   Queen St Mall Demonstration

March, 2016.

April, 2016.

9th – 10th April Beer, Blood and Sand

Please note, details are subject to change. Information will be added as received.

If you are running an event and would like information advertised on the website please contact the Web Wright with the full details of the event, costs, dates, and contact details.


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