Fighters Links

fighting(Please note that none of these links/stores are endorsed by the SCA)

Armour Archive - A collection of patterns for making armour.

Chainmail Construction: An Electronic Notebook

House Bellatrix - Bellatrix Fighting School

Leather Brigandine Armor - Do It Yourself Medieval & Renaissance Costuming  

Lochac Marshal - go here for copies for rules  (heavy, light, siege, fencing and proposed).

Medieval Armour -An ongoing site with articles and links on armour as it applies to
the Middle Ages, the SCA and to SCA combat.

Order of the Boar - is a medieval re-enactment group based near  Upper Hutt, New Zealand. Recreate aspects of the medieval tournament, related living history activities and specialises in jousting and it's development as a modern sport. 

The ARMARIUM - Online Historical Fencing Manuals & Texts

The Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library

The Making of Wisby Plate Armor


Arms & Armour

GNW FighterAnshelm Arms and Armor

A.B. Hammer's Creation Time Armoury

Albion Swords - history in your hands

Arms of Valor, Ltd. - Swords, Armour, Axes, Bows & Arrows, Shields, 

Armor Web Sites

British Plate Armour Society 

Darksword Armour - Museum Referenced Period Weapons

Esford Swords and Armoury - Esford are proud to present authentically hand crafted items

Emachine shop - Made to order metal (I think)

Forth Armoury

Mandrake Armory

Manning Imperial - premier manufacturer of historical reproductions

Medieval Arms & Armouring - Top quality handcrafted reproductions

Medieval Reproductions

Siege Engine

Swords & Stuff

The Ring Lord

Valentine Armouries Homepage

Waldryk's Arms & Armor