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Bent Cockerel

Hosted by Canton of Draks Fjord


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Bent Cockerel was a pleasant event spent in good company. With people travelling up the coast for this event. It was a relaxing day with an enjoyable novelty archery sh0ot which was won by Katarina from Baccuhus Wood. 

A small practice Rapier tourney was held with Colum being victorious, They showed their skills by fighting around poles and dogs.  

The skills didn't stop there, the Heavy tourney started of with 8 but only 1 was the champion. Sir Earl Draco was truly mighty and  defeated them all.  The Heavy Tourney was a fighter auction with table full of prizes which was donated by Draks Fjord members.  Both buyer and fighter were lucky enough to choose a prize each. A big thanks goes out to those who did donate such lovely prizes. 

Sunday was a another fun filled day with the men playing with some cool toys. We were lucky enough to have the use of a large trebuchet  First they started of with soccer balls but then raided the kitchen to find flour and oats.....

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