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Cantebury Faire

Photos take by Lord Colum Mac Fheradaigh.

3 Merry men of River Haven packed there bags and armour, and set sail for the land of Southern Gaard. After a few hours of flight and a few beers, they landed safely but tipsy. Off they went to the Canterbury Faire, with swords in their hands. They went there to show the Southern Gaard what River Haven men were made of.

The travellers enjoyed the hospitality, food and the good company and would recommend to all to travel to this fine land to experience this wonderful event.  Hot chocolate and coffee they all enjoyed at The Mangy Mongol coffee house & tavern. The event was fantastic with green grass and no dust to be found, the 3 enjoyed this event fully.

With bumps & bruises and bones that creaked off they went to seek the sights of this great land.  3 River Haven men travelled the lands and found many delights. They thought it was grand to wear jeans in summer and to see all the snow and ice.

After many days and a few pounds heavier these travellers of 3 headed home to their women with tales of plenty. With photos in hand, we all endured the tales of their travels and battles that they enjoyed. We wish to say a big thanks to all those who took these 3 under their wings and shown them the ways of of your great lands. By next year there will be more then 3 from River Haven and we can't wait to see you there.

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A couple of great photos of some landscapes the 3 had found.

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