Festival 2005

Festival 05

Festival is held just outside a small country town called Yass, in NSW. Many River Haven players made the long journey and enjoyed their stay over the Easter holidays.  This year River Haven built an entrance to there campsite, which was a great addition to the site. The fort encouraged many visitors into the site which they were met with open arms.  There was many activities throughout the festival from A&S collegias, Melee in both heavy and Rapier, battles, fighter auctions and games for the children. There were many stalls that were open during the festival and a market morning that was worth a look at. Everyone got a bargain and came home a little bit poorer. Please look through Festival albums and see what Festival is all about.


Melee Melee (multiple fighters)




Fighter Auction' Fighter Auction





Rapier Rapier




war' War




Festival Campsite Photos