The SCA @ Movieworld on the Gold Coast

The SCA was invited to Movie World, a handful of member travelled to the land of magic.  We did 3 clips - first one was on fighting and armour, second was about cooking and food and last was medieval games.  It was fun and light hearted.  We all acted well and needed no 2nd takes but those professionals several. hehehe! but we didn't mind.  We were rewarded by being allowed to stay for the rest of the day to eat, drink and get sick on the rides.

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Toot! Toot! goes the horn.

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What is Dan Saying???

146705 bytes

Getting ready!

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Tuck that Shirt in Thomas!

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Shiny Helms

163414 bytes

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MW9.JPG (144067 bytes)

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Weaving for the Cameras

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Taking a break.

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Can I hit him?!

Just once.

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Oow! This is cute!!

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Morning Tea time!

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MW13.JPG (272385 bytes)

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Setting up the scene.

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Does this coat 

make my butt 

look big?

211911 bytes


What more 

can I say.

272385 bytes

Someone doesn't 

look well.

290134 bytes

Smiles all round

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