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Hosted by Willoughby Vale

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Under the beautiful sky of Ipswich an evening of enchantment was had. Where fighters fought for their lady's honour under the stars. Many relaxed in the gentle breeze as we were served an abundant supper of tempting delicacies.

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A well attended first event for 2006, with many heavy fighters turning up to accept Baron Gabriel's 12 Tourney Challenge.

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Fighters were asked to present themselves and their consorts to accept the challenge set before them. Many had travelled from near and far, to show their skills and chivalry. The rapier tourney was full of young blood from Burnfield which kept the other challengers on their toes. Earl Sir Draco and Don Henry taking the respective championships. The quality of fighting in both tournaments was excellent.

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Willoughby Vale showed their artistic talent with fantastic wall hangings and heraldic devices.

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Myfanway Verch Lewelyn received a lost Golden tear token and Baroness Mistress Glynyhvar of Riverhaven stepped down from the position of Baronial Hospitaller to allow Lady Josseline de la Cour to fulfil this position.

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The Red & White Event was great event with everyone enjoying themselves. Well done to all Willoughby Vale and their helpers for a fantastic event.

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Wall Hanging

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Wall Hanging

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Baroness Caelia

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Hrothgar Breaksword

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Myfanway Verch Lewelyn

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Starting court

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Smiles are shared

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Fighters are introduced

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Members of Burnfield

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Fighters presents their consorts to accept the challenge

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Rapier skills are shown with new blood from Burnfield.

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Time for laugh before the trouney

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Photo taken by

Baroness Caelia

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Fighters waiting inspection

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